Friday, May 15, 2009

loneliness - huh?

aha... and since the first one felt decently good (the venting side i mean) ... lets keep this ball rolling ...ok, so today i was @ uni as per usual - for only three lectures. ahh, but the thing about these three lectures - there are at least 250 (bio and chem) or 50(astronomy) other people in the lecture theatre - but none of which i "talk talk" to.... so, does this make me lonely? is it possible to be lonely amongst a throng of people tho?

which brings me to the first point - how do we actually define loneliness? is there an actual physical criteria thy shall fall into - or is it simple a mental/emotion state of mind? I reckon there are two aspects to being lonely. Like for instance, someone eating their lunch alone could be considered lonely upon first glances - but if they're sitting alone bcos they want to enjoy lunch by themselves - who are we to call them lonely? ... So then does this mean loneliness is a state of mind and not simply "people alone" ?

Well, (to those popular people) believe it or not, but you can actually be lonely amongst a gather of people, whether it be a lecture theatre, a group movie night or pubcrawl. Nevertheless, you wouldn't APPEAR lonely but if we could read into your thoughts for just a moment, they would be emotionally and mentally lonely. Basically what I'm trying to say (badly) is that tho people appear to hang in large groups - doesn't necessarily mean they want to be there nor are they not lonely. Being (subtly) excluded from the group is one of the most painful types of loneliness... and hence, those people are lonely.

In the end, this has been a very going-round-in-circles blog.. and really not a very good one....
but.... thats all for now martians!
Your old-and-alone bloggger!


  1. agree, mishy. Its all about perspective.
    I want to be in your bio-chem class- lol.
    catch up sometime?!! XOXO