Thursday, May 14, 2009

the first of many

howdy n welcome 2 my first - of many - blogs:
actually, my first blog site @ all.. so u kno give it a hoot... and see how it all pans out. this blog shall be topic-less... and  probs somewhat less interesting...

basically - im sick, with wat i believe is the common cold and well reealllly does not help anything at all..... also played badminton tonite - not very well - but played all the same. 

ok lets talk abt badminton:
to be honest - i think im consistent. not very flash @ doubles, mixed or singles.. and hence, consistency. in a way - im a well rounded player... bcos no single event actually sticks out... nor does any particular event suck extra badly.

nehhh anyway - 2 all em badminton players out there .... u hate it when they dont hit it to u .... but then u hate it just as much when they always hittin 2 u... there really is no win situation here....

in situation a) what are u spose to do? jump in front of ur partner and steal their shot - and likely sink it in the net @ that... or just "patiently" wait for ur single shot of the rally and in the end not get ur money's worth of badminton...

hah... so then there is situation b) ... what are u meant to do there wen ur the one being "bullied" ... its not like u could just quit - cos well, it couldnt really get much worse from there... but then again, you may be saving yourself the embaressment. but really.. there is no simple answer... just run in the opposite direction of the shuttle? and face the blame from ur partner? ... another lose-lose situation here...

siiiigning off - badminton-ly grumpy 


  1. Ahhh I get the first post ever!!! :D...erm a consistent player? The way you put it brings a phrase into my mind...'jack of all trades, master of none' hehe =) which might be true of cos. Doesn't matter, you did your best ^_^

  2. ahhh and jininho is me...a nick from the past ;)

  3. haihzz.. I thought I could be the first to comment .. but too late.. anyway i'll keep in touch with you through the blog also.. keep it up..=]

  4. Oh Michelle I know what you mean, being the professional badminton player I am! goshhh