Sunday, October 18, 2009

my *octSOBER ♥


hallo peoples!

yes, it is october - the month of (supposed) sobriety...

haha, which ironically enough has been my least alcohol filled month =.-*

that being said;

there was uni hols

+ bdays wif alcohol

+ bdays wifout alcohol

+ my upcoming bday ...

all reasonable excuses of course ;)

uni stuff first... how's it been?

yeah average. lectures, tutes, pracs. yuuuck.

(stats lecture : extrapolation)

phone pic was faster than writing it down =.=

(stats ass: stayed up late... doing the stufpd number crunching... )

(chem pracs: chromatography, titration, extractions...)


nov 12th: biology, 14th: chemistry, 16th: statistical practice, 19th: psychology.


havent begun exam prep yet (still a bit early, even by my standards) tho,

i HAVE begun THINKING abt it...

and , its the thought that counts riiite?

this uni week seems suspiciously light...

nothing major due ... nothing stressing ... no pracs ... hrrm; this doesnt sound right eh!

next one along... work. yeah.. also not bad. working for two schools during the term4... immanuel college and unley high.... coaching badminton, - what else - but wow dude~ sometimes there's jobs that u would do whether u got paid or not.. and others, u just gotta think abt the bucks u earning for being there... maybe im losing my touch? maybe ive been doing this badminton thing for too long? ... *sighs* @ least im getting better @ it tho.... my immanuel mxd kiddies came runners-ups (to norwood morialta), beating seaview (r1), loxton & adelaide along the wayyy - yeeAAAHHH!!! *so proud*

gah, which brings me to badminton. GAH! is all i can say. what used to be a hobby.. a recreational, social sport... man- has changed. im the editor for the FEATHER - badmintonSA's newsletter ... WHYYYY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?! ... am on the jnr tournament committee ... APPARENTLY SO ... ran paul's sat nite training sessions when he wasnt around and become a FEEDER on sat night. WOW. "sif this can be called a hobby...
tired. its all tiring. getting old. dont quite have the passion for it .... dont think i ever did... but sure dont now

hah, so my latest source for venting?
- some post got deleted here. haha-

anwyay: upcoming bday.

dont kno wat to do.

dinner? karaoke?

neehhh, badminton ppl and my-age-ppl ....

2 groups - roughly, no mix. fri and sat nites. s

un night - family dinner. suggestions?

all for now, more later ... hahaha ~ nah, i wouldnt do that to ya^^