Saturday, December 26, 2009

xmas 'o9

[ dedication: surprisingly, this post isnt dedicated to santa - BUT - zhennnchhu for gettin me back into the swing of blogspotting ]

xmas "o9

this years xmas kicked off with a bucketful of energy, with me & mel making xmas gingerbread THREE WHOLE DAYS *BEFORE* xmas!!!! hehee, we made xmas pigs & xmas circles - the logic being; there's ALWAYS pigs & circles at christmas time ..... (ooh yuuup and they're even iced with a lemon lime bitter frosting)

and then came the christmas eve late night shopping - yuppps 12midnight at marion "desperately" looking for daddy's xmas present ... we got him a tweed river polo (see right!) and a SUPERDAD! pair of boxers ;) u cant go wrong with boxers

come xmas dayyy - we chilled @ home mostly, eating leftover pho for lunch before going to xmas dinner with the cousins & grandparents. and WOW, OMGOSH! there was my very first xmas aussie tv type HAM!! hhehheheeee .... but yah, LOOKS AWESOME .. tastes .. like ham.

ooh yuuups as for xmas pressies - well i bought myself a present (haha! so laaaaaame, i know - BUT WHAT IF santa didnt come? just covering all bases, u knowww) - greeen adidas jacket *yewwwwww* and mel got me a pair of AWEEESOME sunnnies *luuurrrrvveeee em!*
oh yuuups. and TEN CHRISTMAS TEXTS!! wooohoo MERRRY CHISTMAS EVERRRYYONEEEE ~!!!! and enjoy boxing day saaalessss!!

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