Wednesday, May 20, 2009

disclaimer ; to deny all info just presented & waste time & effort.

Ok, so a pretty ordinary day and a pretty stressful week ^^ anyway - I was just thinking about the blogs I've already written. Now, I dont want to give the wrong impression with the things I've talked about because;
a) im not "mad" @ the badminton community, just had a crappy game or two
c) i didnt enjoy the geology trip - but didn't wreck it for the geologists who enjoyed it there.
>> and so, with that - i dont mean to waste one's time with "disproving" the impression my blog gave - but yeahHH... this got me thinking about disclaimers.

Last year - there was a case where a group presented a one sided, articulated and somewhat aggressive opinion regarding a particular country which shouldn't hold the 2008 olympic games ...

[haha... see if u can figure that one out!]

Anyway , their presentation went on for about 15 or so minutes with strong points in good (non- asian) english. AND that my friend is where they stuffed up - their *proper* english was lost in translation to the (actual) asians in the crowd and so the informaation they were gathering was based on powerpoint slides and pictures, basic english and body language. HENCE - a massive upset and walk outs. BUT @ the end of this presentation, the presenting group used a DISCLAIMER. ... "oh, but even tho we don't think the country should hold the o-games , it doesn't mean we dont like the people that come from there"... well DUH! ... hello! ... the people make up the country (*sarcastic* nahh... u don't think the country's geological features are capable enough of holding the games) .. and so thereforth - in ur one-lined effort to make those people feel "better" ... ur one line has pretty much COUNTER-ACTED THE LAST FIFTEEN MINUTES OF YOUR PRESENTATION!! ... 

HENCE the following reasons:
a)  all ur well presented argument is just washed down the drain by u claiming u don't actually believe/side with it anyway.
b) the people who have walked out - and are the people who need to hear it most - didn't hear it cos they HAD ALREADY WALKED OUT!
c) the audience that u had convinced on ur point of view - are back to their state of no-man's-land when u deny the points just raised
e)  if u actually do mean all the info u present then a disclaimer is only stuck in to "cover ur ass"

literally - only to cover their asses.

NOW, do u see what i mean? ... What's the point of having a disclaimer when everything you have just spent 15min claiming is going to be disputed in one single line at the end?!?!?!

signing off - as ur claiming-disclaimer friend, xx.

the "ah man, i really had to get that off my chest" rating:  3 (out of 5)

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  1. haha, hmm i dont really think they knew what they were saying, kinda ignorant... but wasnt that day supposed to be about women??? olympics.. seems kinda off topic